L’Affaire McGuire: Eddie is a dinosaur, not a monster. There’s a difference.

statJust when you thought it might finally be over – the demented accusations, the non-apology apologies, the corporate lemon-sucking/opportunistic advertising – two very different interventions served (briefly) to resuscitate the latest Eddie-centred shitstorm …

One came courtesy of The Footy Show’s Sam Newman. Looking, as he invariably does, like a man who’s been injected with Botox at precisely the moment he soils himself, he let rip at journalist Caroline Wilson, the butt of McGuire’s original ‘banter’, accusing her of feigning indignation and of practising a double standard. It was Newman’s final flourish, however, that really relaunched l’affaire McGuire, alluding as it did to the scenario entertained by Eddie and his pals. ‘The jig’s up Caro,’ Newman growled, ‘You’re becoming an embarrassment. And even if you were under water, you’d still be talking.’

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