Meanwhile, in Europe … Wilders, Le Pen and Illiberal Liberalism

Not much fun is it – the age of Trump? The walls, the calls, the travel bans – it’s all too much to process, don’t you find? Alec Baldwin does his best to cheer us up, but this shit is about as funny as an orphanage on fire. Some mornings I can’t get out of bed. My hair is coming out in clumps.

I wish I could spread a little sunshine, but I fear things may be about to get worse. Next month is almost certain to see a win for Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, where anti-immigration sentiment is running at alarming levels. Then, in April, we have the first round of voting in the French Presidential elections. The National Front’s Marine Le Pen looks set to progress to the second round, where she’ll likely face off against Emmanuel Macron. It’s possible she’ll lose, of course, and that Wilders will lose or be unable to form a government, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

Trump. Wilders. Le Pen. That’s three bad hombres, right there. [More here.]